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…Art makes us the people of human existence in our eternal search for our destination, often discovering ourselves…

The sunlit rooms of an Aegean hotel like LA PISCINE ART HOTEL, their Renaissance themes and their marvelous compositions give grace and harmony, highlighting the special touch of nature and man and giving a mythological glamor to the area. The paintings that decorate the rooms and the hotel’s premises, inspired by the most expressive period of Art, the Renaissance, and by the Academy of Fine Arts of France, create an atmosphere of relaxation and tranquility.

At the same time, representative samples of various Art streams, with the imprint of impressionism and the special temperament of its creators, with vibrant colors and unusual perspectives, give local notes of intensity and well-being, creating corners of precious mental uplift.

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The famous artist Akis Asvestas, is the Art designer of La Piscine Art Hotel. With excellent care and elegance, she takes care of the artistic style of the lodge.

Their artistic stamp, taste and passion have also been made by the brothers Makis and Kostas Donopoulos transforming the hotel’s premises into a high aesthetic gallery.

In the reception and lobby bar dominates the expressionism of Manolis Polymeris, who succeeds in gaining attention with his plastic forms.

Elegant, handmade carpets of varying sizes in the rooms, Galle vases and 18th century antiques from various parts of the world, complement the decoration, fully justifying the hotel’s designation as an Art Hotel.

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